What is integrity?

The Meaning Behind a Buzzword

“Integrity” is an all-too-popular term. We often see companies use it in their brand promises and mission statements. We declare it vital when choosing friends and colleagues. And we repeat it when describing honest CEOs and reliable employees. 

We know that integrity is admired, but we often disagree on its meaning. Some say that it’s about honesty and reliability, while others argue that it’s all about personal character. So, what exactly is integrity

To have integrity is to have an unwavering commitment to your moral values of right and wrong. It’s about being true to yourself and what you believe is ethical behavior. And that’s reflected in how you see yourself and in how others see you.

Internal integrity happens at the deepest level. Rather than putting on a “show” or trying to get credit and “look good,” internal integrity is who you are when no one is looking.

External integrity is what you show to others. It defines how you behave when people are watching. 

Image integrity is what your integrity looks like to the outside world. It’s how others interpret—or misinterpret—your actions.

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