5 Tips to Improve Diversity
Diversity eLearning

Diversity eLearning

5 Tips for Improving Diversity Recruiting 

How can you overcome the roadblocks and recruit a broader range of prospects? You’ll need to adjust how you present yourself and review others. 

Here are five tips to follow—and why they’re important:

  • Check job descriptions for bias. Many job descriptions include needless requirements or vocabulary that drive away candidates from diverse backgrounds. Remove these items from your postings, and you’ll attract a wider range of applicants.

  • Increase your diversity branding. Underrepresented candidates want to see themselves reflected in your marketing materials. They want to know that they'll fit in with your team. You can put candidates at ease by being explicit about your diversity goals and authentically representing those ambitions.

  • Build a diverse talent-acquisition team. Having a diverse talent-acquisition team establishes checks and balances against biases. Plus, prospects are more likely to join your company if they see themselves reflected on your interview panel.

  • Hold anti-bias training. By holding anti-bias training, you can teach your team greater self-awareness and ensure that candidates from diverse backgrounds aren’t overlooked.

  • Practice de-identified hiring. De-identified hiring techniques involve removing personal information from resumes. Rather than adhering to stereotypes, teams who practice de-identified hiring will make decisions based on an applicant’s knowledge, skills, and experience alone.

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