About Concinto
about concinto
A holistic approach to healthcare 

Concinto is a consulting firm with a modern approach to education, research, and commercialization in healthcare. We help our clients optimize their operations and services for the new digital economy. Concinto offers new commercialization strategies and online education and communications to keep companies competitive in this new environment.

our mission
Modernize the healthcare services

Our vision is to be the innovator in providing strategic advice, digital education, and commercialization services for pharmaceutical and healthcare technology businesses.

Our mission is to develop novel solutions and business models to assist our clients in embracing the new digital healthcare environments.

At Concinto, we believe that the healthcare market is changing, and service providers and product suppliers need more innovative business models to stay competitive. We understand that the novel business models should offer various methods, flexible product offerings, and innovative technologies to communicate their value with clients and stakeholders.  Therefore, at Concinto, we provide new business models that help our clients to adapt to the market demands. 

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Our values

We protect all the commercial, corporate, and personal Information of our prospective, current, and past clients.

We follow domestic and international ethical and legal principles to provide the highest value for our clients and the society we serve.

We disclose any conflict of interest clearly and honestly with our clients and business partners in advance.

We serve our employees, internal and external customers equally regardless of their gender, race, age, or personal capabilities.


Kaivan Talachian
Kaivan Talachian Pharm.D., R.Ph.
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Farhang Modaresi MD,MBE
Vice President of Strategy
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