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Interactive online courses and workshops to improve knowledge transfer to healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders.

Medical Communication

Comprehensive support for the patient-centric scientific information communication process

Research & Development

Pragmatic and result-oriented plan to address unmet medical needs



A comprehensive approach to successful commercialization of novel medical products and technologies

Concinto Analytical Framework


Our team assesses the scope of the project in three steps.

First, we perform an extensive search to find the existing evidence and scientific data.

Second, we interview internal and external stakeholders to identify their unmet needs.

Third,  we define the project’s scope and identify the challenges that we need to overcome.


We review relevant available evidence to gather the current knowledge.

We also conduct expert interviews (if applicable) to supplement our data with experts’ knowledge in the practice.

Depending on our findings in this stage, we modify the analytical framework to address the project’s objectives  effectively.


Our team develops the most relevant and practical business solution aligned with the overall client’s strategic objectives.

We provide an actionable tactical plan for efficient implementation and evaluation of the recommended solutions.


We support our clients for the proper implementation of proposed solutions.

We believe that our success depends on a client’s achievement of the desired outcome. Therefore, we assist the project team in implementing the action plan and realize the goals.

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