Healthcare consulting and e-learning services to address critical business challenges.
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The complexity of the healthcare system and its challenges requires additional scrutiny.

The healthcare and life-science industry have always been facing complex challenges. Part of this complexity is because of the multi-faceted nature of healthcare issues that involve patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and society as a whole. 

Each of these stakeholders has a different, sometimes conflicting, objective finding a winning solution even more challenging. 

At Concinto, we support you to develop evidence-based, practical solutions to tackle challenges in healthcare and the life-science industry.

We offer recommendations aligned with the strict regulatory frameworks of the life-science industry.

Our clinical mindset enables us to design the solutions that address the challenges of healthcare professionals and achieve their support as well as patients and their circle of care.

Consulting and educational services


A comprehensive approach to successful commercialization of novel medical products and technologies

Research & Development

Pragmatic and result-oriented plans to address unmet medical needs


At Concinto, we offer modern, interactive e-learning courses to improve knowledge transfer and skill development for corporations,  healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders.

Medical Communication

Comprehensive support for the entire scientific information and communication process
Why you should choose Concinto
Our consulting and healthcare e-learning expertise deliver the most robust business solutions to our clients.

The wide range of our first-hand healthcare knowledge and background enables us to offer pragmatic solutions to achieve project objectives.

At Concinto, we define our success by the long-term tangible achievements of our clients.
Proven track records

At Concinto, we have more than 40 years of combined experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Our first-hand experience in implementing solutions and business models ensures a positive outcome for our clients. 

Holistic approach

We see each project as a multi-faceted challenge and consider all possible internal and external drivers when proposing a solution. Therefore, our solutions deliver the expected outcomes in the real world.


Innovative solutions

We are always searching for new methods to tackle the existing and upcoming challenges for our clients. That includes new business models, novel technologies or reimagination of current practices

Evidence-based analysis

We validate each step in our analysis with reliable existing data. Therefore, our proposed business recommendations are supported by solid evidence and enable our clients to justify and track the implementation of the solutions.

Our clients

Your partner in overcoming business challenges
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