Do you have these four essential customer service skills?
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The Four Essential Customer Service Skills

Great customer service builds trust between you and your customers, strengthens your team, builds awareness of your brand, and attracts new customers. Empathy, patience, positivity, and good communication are the 4 essential customer service skills that ensure your success.


Empathy is the single most important customer service skill. To help your customers be happy and successful, you need to understand what happiness and success mean to them. And to do that, you need to be able to walk a mile in their shoes.


Let's face it: Delivering great customer service is not always easy! Sometimes, customers are rude, selfish, and unreasonable. And sometimes, you'll be trying to serve these customers under less-than-ideal circumstances. By being patient, you can focus on the challenge at hand in a positive, constructive way.


When people think of "being positive," they tend to think about their outlook on life. But when it comes to customer service, positivity is really about the language you use to frame your message. We'll explore the power of positive language throughout this course.

Good Communication

Communicating clearly and effectively isn't just a smart customer service move; it's a smart business move! Great communicators know when to talk and when to listen. They also know how to make complex ideas seem simple and relatable to others.

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